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Godin Electric Guitars

Godin is a Canadian guitar manufacturer with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. They have 6 factories in 4 separate locations, 3 in Quebec and one in New Hampshire. They have several different labels or brands; Richmond, Norman, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, Seagull, LaPatrie and the Godin line itself. Godin Guitars are known for crafting mid to top of the line electric guitars. They have won several awards from Guitar Player Magazine for the Freeway Classic, the Exit 22, and their LG guitars. Some notable artists that play Godin guitars are Leonard Cohen, John McLaughlin and Vinnie Moore.

These excellently crafted instruments are made with the highest quality Rock Maple solid bodies, rosewood and maple fingerboards, exemplary electronics, great quality and well installed hardware, beautiful finishes and many improvements and tweaks in their design. Anyone that owns a Godin guitar will tell you they are quality guitars that play with ease.

For craftsmanship, a Godin guitar is second to none, with quality parts used throughout, and attention to detail that you can see. We have a great selection of new and used Godin electric guitars for sale at amazing prices.

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